3 el. vertical system for 40m. Early experiments, the elements were
made of fiberglass fishing rods

This is a classic 20,5m long vertical with 64 buried radials. It was used on 160, 80, 40m bands

4 Square for 40m (K8UR style) and Spitfire for 80m (2004-2006) bands. These were my first directional DX antennas on low bands


Beverage for JA, its length is about 120m

2 elements phase-fed Flag between trees. It is an alternative, instead of Beverages in small gardens

Magnetic loop for 80m-30m band.Very quiet and it has any side rejection


2 el. Cubical
Quad for 20/15/10m. Very reliable antenna! Each loops are fed through Gamma-match and different cables

After a hurricane at January, 2008. Two crossarms broke at the spider. The trouble is solved soon, antenna already works again :)

After a hurricane at June, 2006. The mast bent down because of the tremendous wind



Tuning the vertical and horizontal sections of 2m Yagi. I am standing in a basket of the crane. Very comfortable job!

2x16 el cross Yagi for 2m. I0JXX design, one of the best VHF antenna, that I ever had!

This is a way, how to get a "T" loaded vertical or inverted "L". Just pull the desired rope(s) on the ground, connecting plus wire(s) to the original vertical in seconds!


2 elements phase fed magnetic loop for 80m band - still on the ground

3 elements full size Yagi for 40m band. Very light construction (fishing rods), not recommended for long term use, windy place.


Extra plus radial system (120 wires) on the surface of the ground. Helps or not, it's not matter. I believe in its effectivity