Two elements broken, two elements bent by the tremendous wind. The speed of the wind was more than 150km/h

There was the heaviest storm that I have ever seen in my city . You can watch this video, if click here

Fortunately, the Yagi landed without more troubles after the bad days


The main parts of Yagi (boom, coils, ...) survived the destroy!

One of bent elements

One of broken elements


I create the CW/SSB switching box, while the Yagi was on ground. With this unit the Yagi covers the whole 300 kHz range in 6 different segments

This unit just fits in the plastic waterproof box

You can see the two units, ready to connect to the elements


The other project was building a reliable rotator system. The double gear drive is very strong, and so less cost than the commercial models

This is the control unit of the rotator. I can improve it later if necessary...

Hardy-disc provides the flexible connection between the rotator and mast


The CW-SSB box close up

The CW-SSB box on the boom

Now I apply double boom guying for the more safety


HA8JV - Paul turns the winch

Fix the boom to mast within minutes. We already have practice ... :)

The Yagi is on the tower again, two weeks after the hurricane!