Standing on balcony. Miami Beach is at the background

Swimming pool at 120 feet high :)

AA7JV - George installes the 160m beacon


The Wallner Bros - Paul and George

George the experienced paddle-boarder

1st step. I'm kneeling on the board


2nd step. I try to keep the balance on the board. Sometimes it's successful

Sometimes not ... :)

We are cruising to Bahamas. George is the captain of his Electra


Swinging on the waves. It doesn't suck! :)

George (Gee F.) and Gracey

Beautiful Sunset at Bahamas. We were diving there 3 days over


Came back to Miami

AA7JV's QTH. The verticals are very close to salty water. No wonder, He's so loud in Europe at low bands

Sunrise in Miami Beach Bay


Drive to Key-West. Rent a Ford Mustang (V6, 400 HP engine), it was not easy to keep the 55mph legal speed :)

Key-West. The Southernmost point of USA

Standing on the Key-West Beach. First, but not the last visit there :)