The 4 pieces of full sized half-dipoles are assembled

The attaches are well visible here. There are 150mm overlaps and I applied stainless steel screws and clamps

Comfortable job. Sitting under the Sun and make the heatshrink cover


Boom to element connection. I applied galvanized iron plate and double isolation between the element and metal plate

Simple but effective way, how to hold the element. The small, painted isolator made of fiberglass

The 2 + 2 elements system is ready to go up



Peter & Peter in the basket. Turn the winch is not easy job, weight of the antenna is about 220kg now

The antenna is on the top (33m high)


I checked the right element of 80m Yagi

The installer crew: HA8GPB, HA8TJ, Csaba op, HA8RM

HA8TJ - Joe checked the left element with analyzer